Mission, Vision, Values

Marketing experts with a heart for community

Illumagine is a marketing agency that cares about our employees, their families, our clients, and our community.  Our marketing services include consultation, digital marketing strategy, implementation, and virtual team support.  We also provide training, coaching, and workshops for marketing teams or executives.  We’re experts at using search engine marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, and social media, to deliver results. Located in the Minneapolis & St. Paul area, we serve a wide range of clients locally and nationally. We are great at what we do, but what makes us unique is a commitment to more than earnings profits.  

Investing in others

There are two values represented in our mission, vision and values, that set us apart from many other digital marketing agencies.  The first is our commitment to local and global relief projects.  While we need to earn money to keep the lights on, we will give a growing percentage of our profits to those efforts.  The second is our commitment to higher education.  Our founder teaches digital marketing at University of Northwestern – St. Paul and places a high value on education and equipping the next generation of young digital marketing leaders to enter the workforce with confidence.  Teaching is in our DNA and any team member wishing to teach is encouraged to do so.  We carry that same commitment to students into or internship programs.

Peter Drucker, a famous leadership and management expert once said “culture eats strategy for lunch”.  What he meant by this is that strategy is important, but trying to drive the right strategy from the wrong culture is backwards thinking.  Illumagine fosters an environment of learning, empowerment and care for others. This is fertile ground for growing excellent strategies around our client’s needs.