Seminars & Workshops

Training and WorkshopsBusiness leaders acknowledge a need for digital marketing, but often it’s enshrouded in mystery.  It’s that “thing” most know needs attention, but they either don’t know how all the pieces fit together, or don’t know how to go about mobilizing teams around it.  This prevents leaders from being able to direct marketing teams effectively toward business objectives in a digital landscape, and makes those organizations susceptible to fads or and “silver bullet solutions” that present themselves.

Illumagine does all of our work with a training mentality.  We want you to understand not just that we are working hard on your behalf toward great results, but also what we are doing and why – and how the pieces fit together.  It’s part of our commitment to de-mystifying digital marketing and to help people better understand it.

Our founder developed and teaches a complete college course on digital marketing, and we’re pleased to offer portions of it repackaged for professional audiences according to your needs!  Whether you’re looking for a conference or seminar speaker, someone to offer your team an overview of the digital marketing landscape or the channels it offers, a hands-on workshop, or a brown-bag lunch session on digital marketing,  we love to share our knowledge and eager to equip your team.